King Charles III will have a 'slimmed-down' coronation that skips the ancient tradition used for Queen Elizabeth II

King Charles' coronation is reportedly going to be a much more low-key affair than the one his mother, Queen Elizabeth II had.

The fanfare was immense when the Queen was crowned in 1954. More than 8000 guests were invited to attend the royal event at Westminster Abbey and 129 nations were represented at the Coronation service

During traditional parts of the ceremony, the Queen was presented with several golden objects, including spurs, bracelets, and a robe. 

Charles' coronation is being planned in line with his desire to "slim down" the monarchy. This includes stripping back much of the pomp and fanfare coronations in British history have previously seen.

Changes include a dramatically smaller guest list and a more casual dress code. Instead of the 8,000-plus attendees, Charles' coronation is expected to see just over 2,000, the publication reported. 

Moreover, ancient traditions such as the presentation of golden objects to the monarch will be cut to shorten the length of the occasion to just over an hour. Queen's coronation lasted 3 hours.

"It's likely to take place in June – the same month that Queen was crowned nearly 70 years ago & going to be focusing on still with the pomp and the circumstance."

-Marlene Koenig Royal Historian