He got it from his mom: Watch King Charles' response to girl who asked his age

King Charles III visited Project Zero Walthamstov-a people's organisation promoting social well-being.

King Charles III, surprised by a girls' question about his age during a visit to East London, reminded the world once again of late monarch Queen Elizabeth II's biting sense of humour.

He visited Project Zero Walthamstov- a people's organisation promoting social well-being, talking to children from Barn Croft primary school who were seen waving the flag and cheering for the monarch.

As King Charles III interacted with the crowd, a child was heard saying, "It's the King!". Then, the child enquired about the king's age.

"How old are you, King Charles?", the child asked. Without a pause, a smiling King Charles responded, "Have a guess!" The students and teachers around were seen laughing.

First joint engagement for the King and Queen in London with a visit to ProjectZeroWF1. He was keen to have a quick chat with primary school children about school lunches and school holidays.

His mother- Queen Elizabeth- was also known to have a quick wit and strong sense of humor.