Logitech announces a dedicated cloud gaming handheld

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Aditya Singh

Logitech G is collaborating with Tencent Games to release a cloud gaming portable later this year.

The gadget is rumoured to feature Nvidia GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming, allowing it to play PC games on the move.

To make this possible, Logitech G and Tencent are collaborating with Nvidia and Xbox.

Today, Logitech and Tencent are only teasing the gadget, with no indication of a release date or pricing.

Logitech will undoubtedly draw on its experience developing PC and console gaming accessories, whereas Tencent appears to be more of an operational partner.

“As one of the leading global platforms for game development, publishing and operations, Tencent Games has been at the forefront of innovation and it’s why we partnered with them,” explains Ujesh Desai,

Logitech has promised a debut later this year, so we should find out more in the coming months.

This unknown handheld arrives months after Valve introduced their Steam Deck portable, which helped alter the concept of PC gaming on the move.