Luxury cars seized from 23 yrs old Canadian so-called Cryptoking

A 23yrs old Canadian who calls himself the "crypto King" reportedly had $2 million worth of assets seized over defrauding investors.

His seized assets consists of Lamborghini, 2 McLarens and 2 BMWs as reported.

Investors claim at-least $35 million were given to his company, AP Private Equity Limited, that went missing.

As per reports, 29 creditors have a bankruptcy proceeding against him and he them almost $13 million.

According to bankruptcy filings, Pleterski owned 11 high-end cars, leased several others and rented a waterfront home in Burlington for almost $45000 monthly.

Everyone called him Young Bill Gates when started making loads of money from investing in Crypto in 2015.

He is also accused of running a Ponzi Scheme.