‘Mad Max: Furiosa’ set photos reveal Chris Hemsworth’s huge fake beard

New set photos from the Mad Max: Fury Road prequel, Furiosa, spotlight Chris Hemsworth's rumored villain as he looks unidentifiable with a red beard. 

The fifth film in George Miller's Mad Max cinematic universe, Furiosa serves both as a prequel to and a spinoff of the 2015 film Mad Max: Fury Road.

Perhaps the most exciting new addition to the cast is Chris Hemsworth, who’ll be making a rare detour into villainous territory as the fantastically-named Dementus.  

We’re used to seeing the Marvel Cinematic Universe stalwart at his jacked and handsome best, so the first look set photos from Furiosa may comes as a surprise when you check them out below. 

To be fair, that is some absolutely glorious facial furniture being rocked by the Australian action hero, even if it looks preposterously unconvincing.  

Of course, there are merely grainy snaps taken from a distance, so we’d feel safe in saying that by the time Furiosa comes to theaters in May 2024, it’s going to look a lot better than a dollar-store beard that’s been attached to one of the most handsome faces in Hollywood.  

Now that we’ve seen what’s on his chin, we can only begin to wonder what secrets Dementus has in store from the waist down.