Marvel trolled for selling $25M Infinity Gauntlet at SDCC 2022

Seeing the Infinity Gauntlet in comics and movies has always been exciting for everyone because it has the power to do anything.

The infinity stones have always and the gauntlet is two of the most aspects of the Marvel Universe.

But we know that nothing of that sort exists in real life because it’s all fiction.

Well, it seems that the idea of having a real-life Infinity Gauntlet has finally come true, all thanks to Marvel.

The production giant unveiled a real-life Infinity Gauntlet that has the capacity to hold six precious gemstones.

Interestingly, Marvel has also come forward with a collection of gorgeous-looking ‘Infinity Stones’ comprised of actual gems with a combined value of over $25 million, as per Marvel.

Now, Fans believe it's ridiculous that the prizes of these 'Infinity Stones' is worth $25 million. Calling it 'Just a bunch of colored rocks'.