Meta AI Launches in India on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram

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Aditya Singh

Meta AI launches across WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger in India

Built on Meta's latest Llama 3 language model for complex reasoning and problem-solving

Look for a blue-purple circle in search boxes or use "@MetaAI" to chat with the chatbot

image :

It is rollout out gradually to all users bu, some users may need to wait to access Meta AI

On Facebook, find Meta AI on your Feed for more info on interesting post

Use "@MetaAI" on Instagram and WhatsApp to ask questions in chat

Disable on WhatsApp: Settings > Chats > Show Meta AI Button > Toggle off

Manage AI on Facebook: Settings > Privacy > Your Privacy Controls > Manage AI Setting

Turn off AI on Instagram: Settings > Privacy > AI Features > Toggle off desired feature