Meta Quest Pro Coming by October? Mark Zuckerberg Tease New Hardware

Mark Zuckerberg appeared on the latest episode of the Joe Rogan Podcast, where he had an interesting talk that revealed an upcoming VR device from the company for soon release.

The CEO announced in October that they would bring its latest VR headset to public. This is next big device from company. Speculations claim that this tech would be Meta Quest Pro that public expects.

There are also strong hints that this new headset will be the famous Project Cambria that Meta previously teased to the public, especially one where the CEO is seen using it in a demonstration video.

Meta Quest 2 is latest VR headset from massive metaverse & social media company, but there are prototypes for its next release that will focus on giving the public more to experience for their needs. 

Company talked about new hardware in form of Project Cambria. Speculations say upcoming hardware for Meta's Quest lineup is Meta Quest Pro, aiming to deliver on upgraded version of wearable device.

The new Pro version of the VR headset is its most advanced system yet, but there are no confirmations from the company regarding its release. 

Zuckerberg on Joe Rogan Podcast reveals a lot about company's releases, despite having no confirmations on which device is coming soon. Speculations point to Meta Quest Pro, a long-awaited VR headset.