Mindy Kaling Addresses Rumor That B.J. Novak Is Her Children's Father

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Anupriya Jain

She revealed being a single mom to her two kids, 4-year-old Katherine and 1-year-old Spencer, as well as her choice to keep their paternity secret. 

I'm not bothered by it. He is godparent to both of my children, and so far, neither my children nor B.J. have been impacted by it. If that's what would amuse folks, I'll take it, she said.

They were friends after meeting on the set of The Office in 2005. Despite attending Oscars afterparty together, they did end up dating for a no of yrs, but they didn't appear to be tied at the time.

She said in 2015, defining their unique dynamic, I think you could term our relationship as a passionately hot affinity with loud fights, but I don't believe Facebook would allow this as a new status.

On her decision to not publicly share her children's paternity, Kaling has always maintained that she wants to wait until she's able to discuss the matter with them first.

"I'm the only parent my kids have," she said "I think I err on the side of super cautious so that there's less things that they can potentially be mad at me about down the line."

Kaling previously spoke about being a single parent in the commencement address she gave at her alma mater Dartmouth College in 2018. 

But hey, it came out that way and I wouldn't change a thing. I didn't believe I'd have a child when I got married. Don't fret if you don't complete a few tasks or if you don't do some tasks at all.