NASA and Elon musk's SpaceX Collab to boost the Orbit of the Hubble Telescope

According to latest reports Elon's SpaceX and NASA will Join to Study study ways to boost orbit of Hubble

It is being explored whether SpaceX's Crew Dragon spaceship will be able to grab the Hubble Space Telescope and lift it into a higher orbit.

The reason for lifting the Hubble telescope into a higher orbit is to see if its lifetime could be longer.

As the observatory loses altitude, gravity will eventually force it to collapse and fall to the ground.

The altitude of Hubble has already dropped by 55 miles. The telescope is expected to deorbit in the mid-2030s at that rate. 

Jared Isaacman, a billionaire who flew to space aboard a Crew Dragon last year, is also involved in this research   

SpaceX does not receive any payment from NASA for conducting the study. SpaceX or Isaacman might be responsible for the costs, but it's unclear.