New Synopsis Released for Season 6, Episode 19 “Chapter One Hundred and Fourteen: The Witches of Riverdale” 

As we look towards Riverdale season 6 episode 19 on The CW, we come bearing both good and bad news.

Starting with the bad news! The series is most likely to air on the Fourth of July holiday. Even though season 7 has already been announced to be the final one, clearly the network wants to keep the ratings as high as possible along the way.

Here’s the good news:  Kiernan Shipka is coming back as Sabrina! This marks her second appearance of the season after first turning up during the Rivervale five-episode event at the start of the season.

SABRINA SPELLMAN COMES TO TOWN – When several of their own fall prey to Percival’s  latest plan, Cheryl calls upon fellow witch Sabrina Spellman  for help. Elsewhere, Percival gives Reggie an ultimatum.