Perseverance rover finds organic matter in rock sample on Mars

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Aditya Singh

NASA's Perseverance rover is looking for traces of ancient life on Mars, and it has already collected some of the most intriguing samples yet.

Organic stuff has been found in a couple of the newly obtained samples, showing that Jezero Crater is active.

which previously housed a lake and the delta that empties onto it had potentially livable conditions 3.5 billion years ago

“The rocks that we have been investigating on the delta have the highest concentration of organic matter that we have yet found on the mission,” said Ken Farley

The rover's mission, which began 18 months ago on Mars, involves searching for clues of ancient microbial life.

Persistence is being used to collect rock samples that may have maintained these detectable biosignatures.  The rover now has 12 rock samples.

In the 2030s, a series of missions known as Mars Sample Return will return the collection to Earth.