Philip Baker Hall, a well-known character actor from shows like "Seinfeld" and "Hard Eight," died at the age of 90.

Until a few weeks ago, Hall was well, and his wife says he spent his last days in a positive spirit, reflecting on his life.

"His voice at the end was still just as powerful," said her wife, Wolfle Hall. Hall, she added, has never retired from acting.

In 1975, when he moved to Los Angeles from Toledo, Ohio, Hall initially devoted himself more to theater than to film or television.

Dianne Lewis and Hall were married in the early 1970s for three years. Hall is survived by his wife, four daughters, four grandchildren, and his brother.

Hall appeared in the "Seinfeld" finale and as Larry David's guest on "Curb Your Enthusiasm." of all actors, David said Hall made him laugh the most.

Paul Thomas Anderson's first movie star, Philip Baker Hall, whose memorable scene in "Seinfeld" involved him returning a library book he had misplaced, played in both films.

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