Plex confirmed data breach,user details and passwords were stolen. 

Plex, a media streaming platform, has been hacked, exposing user passwords and personal information the company has confirmed. 

Users received an email notification from Plex explaining the situation and asking them to change their passwords immediately.   

In the email, it stated that a "limited subset" of accounts had been compromised, but that the stolen data had been "hashed and secured as per best practices".  

Only one thing is known: Plex does not keep payment data around, and whatever hole the threat actor crawled through was patched. 

This is not the first time Plex's cybersecurity issues. Back in early 2021, DDoS-for-hire providers were exploiting Plex Media Server flaws as a UDP reflection/amplification vector in DDoS attacks. 

Nevertheless, the company acted quickly to address the issue, issuing a software patch. Which shows that the company is doing its best to ensure this types of hack doesn't happen again. 

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