Princess Diana and King Charles III's secret daughter is named Sarah, allegedly

American tabloid 'Globe' published a wild story about Charles and Diana's secret daughter. Her name is supposed to be Sarah and she was born in 1981, before Prince William's birth.

Although the story was later debunked by Royal Family experts, there are many tropes that have been used in the past by the Royal Family in order to cover up a story. 

Princess Diana was 19 and she was yet to marry Prince Charles at the time. Queen Elizabeth II & members of the Royal Family wanted to know if Diana was fertile and could bring offspring to the prince.

They allegedly decided to use in-vitro fertilisation in order to see if her eggs were fertile. However, one of the doctors who was involved in the procedure stole both Diana's eggs and Charles sperm.

She was born in 1981, allegedly. When Princess Diana passed away in that 1997 car crash, Sarah feared for her life and fled to the United States. She's lived in New England ever since, allegedly.

Quite the wild story that was massively covered at the time it was released, but it has been debunked. The National Enquirer even ran a story of Sarah telling them that Prince Charles wanted her dead.

Whether this surreal tale is true or not, what matters is that it exists. 'Globe' even used an image of a young woman who looks a lot like Diana, but the photo does appear doctored.