King Charles III's print of a 2001 painting fetched a stunning $6,500 at auction, more than ten times the initial estimate.

One of 100 copies of the print was sold on Thursday as part of Bonhams' "The Scottish Home" auction.

"This charming print combined the king’s passion for painting and his deep affection for Scotland," Hamish Wilson

Queen Elizabeth II, the matriarch of the British royal family, passed away on September 8 at the cherished Scotland estate.  She was 96.

Charles inscribed the print with a pencil signature.  The picture shows Balmoral Castle, where the monarch has historically spent the summers with her family.

The initial estimate ranged from £400 to £600, or $451.60 to $677.30.

The 73-year-old said in the exhibit's display panel that he began painting after finding photography "less than satisfactory."

Charles reportedly said that the pastime "refreshes regions of the soul that other pursuits can't reach."

According to the source, the queen's will is anticipated to remain secret for at least 90 years.