Project 2025: Aspirations for a Trump Presidency

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In early July, Trump denied knowledge of Project 2025, calling some aspects "ridiculous and abysmal."

Despite his claims, several Project 2025 members, including Paul Dans and Spencer Chretien, worked for Trump.

Project 2025 aims to restore family centrality, dismantle the administrative state, and defend sovereignty.

Part of Agenda 47, it reflects input from ex-Trump appointees and 100+ conservative organizations.

Project 2025 seeks direct presidential control of federal agencies, removal of job protections, and FBI reform.

The plan includes more border wall funding, consolidating immigration agencies, and expanding their powers.

The document proposes cutting renewable energy funds, ending oil/natural gas limits, and reducing taxes.

The document suggests removing the abortion pill mifepristone from the market.

The proposals aim to ban porn, enforce school choice, and remove terms like "diversity" and "abortion."