Queen Consort Camilla "scolded" Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton was 'scolded' by King Charles III's wife Camilla at Queen Elizabeth II's funeral.

When Princess Charlotte reportedly exhibited 'bad behaviour', her mom Kate Middleton, had to be 'scolded' by King Charles III's wife Camilla, the Mirror reported.

Queen Consort Camilla frowned and pointed at Charlotte, before giving Kate Middleton a harsh stare, the report said.

The moment was also captured on live TV with viewers responding to it widely on social media.

at Queen Elizabeth II's state funeral, when George appeared to pinch his sister. On this, Charlotte swiftly turned around to stare at George while Meghan Markle tilted her head and smiled at the young siblings.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte are also expected to attend King Charles III's Coronation next year, alongside their parents, reports have said.