During the Xbox + Bethesda Games Showcase event, Squanch Games, co-founded by Rick & Monty creator Justin Roiland, announced High on Life.

High on life is a FPS comedic shooter game, develop and publish by Squanch Games.

The company said the game will be released in October 2022. It will come to PC and Xbox this October.

High on Life is a wacky sci-fi action game, similar to company's previous title, Trover Saves the Universe.

In High on Life, all weapons are sentient alien creatures. They constantly babble while they fire their unique ammunition, and each weapon has a distinct personality. 

Various sources claim The game includes voice acting from Roiland as well as other Adult Swim show creators, Zach Hade and Michael Cusack.

The game has not yet been rated, but like the company's previous title, Trover Saves the Universe, was rated M for Mature, we can expect M for this game too.

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