Saturn Brightens Above Oregon Coast, Washington Coast

If you're on Oregon or Washington coast look up as night sky is full of gifts. Saturn will be best seen on Sunday, Aug 14 & even Perseid meteor shower has peaked it will still be visible until Sept 1.

Atop all this interstellar fun, Jupiter is still a monster of a bright star in the skies these days, easily competing with a post-full moon.

Although a full moon may interfere, Saturn will achieve opposition to the sun tonight. Opposition occurs at midnight, hanging high in the southern night sky, making it easily visible.

This will happen during Saturn's perigee, when it's closest to Earth, making it even bigger and brighter than normal. Still, it will be visible all night & moon will pass far away from it at sometime.

High-powered telescopes are not suggested for Washington or Oregon coasts due to high winds. However, people with that equipment in other regions of both states will receive some added visual thrills.

Although Saturn is far distant from the Sun than our planet, a peculiar phenomena may lend it even greater brightness during opposition.

It will brighten as it is illuminated from behind Earth's ice rings. Saturn may be seen in Capricornus during month. Wait till end of the month to view Saturn rise just after sunset in a darker sky.