Spacecraft worth $550 Million crashes into an Asteroid

In 8 days, NASA will deliberately crash a spacecraft into an asteroid worth $330 Million. 

This will done to change the asteroid's path and deflect its motion from its current trajectory.

Its the world's first full scale mission to test technology for defending earth against asteriods collsions in future.

The spacecraft is named as The DART mission or can also be called The Double Asteroid Redirection Test.

The purpose of the mission is to see if crashing a spacecraft into an asteroid can help change its course or not.

Cue references to disaster films like " Dont look up " and " Armageddon,  through NASA believes its unlikely to happen.

NASA believes they can deflect Earth-bound asteroids and comets by examining the asteroids course after the collision.

DART is expected to crash into the asteroid on Monday, 26 around  7: 14 pm ET.

Its been a 10 months journey for the spacecraft, not measuring its 2 solar panel wings, to be made to the size of a small car.