The miniature portrait on the badge is based on a famous painting of the king by Sir Thomas Lawrence. The portrait, surrounded by jewels and topped by a crown, hangs from an ivory-coloured ribbon. 

The portrait of the monarch is attributed to Robert Henderson, a miniaturist who worked for Dickinson & Foster. It is now part of the Royal Collection & belonged to Princess Victoria.

The badge was encrusted with jewels, topped by a crown, and suspended from an ivory-coloured ribbon. This particular badge and ribbon belonged to Victoria and Albert’s third daughter, Princess Helena.

Queen Alexandra, then Princess of Wales, wore the Royal Order of Victoria and Albert in a formal portrait in 1889. She’s also pinned another brooch, a diamond horseshoe, to the order’s ribbon.

Grand Duchess Augusta is pictured here wearing the order (with other badges, including the Order of the Crown of India) in a portrait taken at the time of the coronation of King Edward VII in 1902.

In this portrait, Queen Mary (then the Duchess of Cornwall and York) wears the Royal Order of Victoria and Albert (and the Order of the Crown of India) while in mourning for Queen Victoria in 1901. 

Princess Victoria wore her father’s Royal Family Order (also Royal Order of Victoria and Albert) at a wedding. She’s a diamond floral tiara & a diamond horseshoe brooch near order badges and ribbons.