Stimulus Payments October: How many states will send checks?

Since the cost of essentials like food & shelter has increased by 8.5% in past year, many state governments in the United States are writing checks to their citizens to assist with household expenses.

Most financing for initiatives comes from extra tax income, either in the form of automatic refunds or as part of legislation specifically made to deal with the costs of increasing inflation.

Prices have risen so quickly in the last few years that working Americans cannot afford to buy essentials. Gas, food & housing prices have increased swiftly and they have overtaken American incomes.

California has established a Middle-Class Tax Refund. Depending on eligibility, residents may get up to $1050 in tax refunds. The amount is based on filing status and dependents & income restrictions.

Single filers cannot earn more than $250,000 to qualify for the payout. A married couple filing jointly is not permitted to make more than 500,000 dollars. Payments will start to be made in October.

Additionally, several states are taking it upon themselves to distribute stimulus funds. These payments come from the extra money that many states found themselves with between 2020 and 2021.

Up to 270 dollars in stimulus payments are being sent by New York. Hawaii sends its citizens money based on their income. Tax rebates are also being offered as stimulus payments by many other states.