Stranger Things Characters & Their Buffy The Vampire Slayer Counterparts

Erica & Dawn

As younger siblings of key members of the world-saving groups in their respective series, both Dawn and Erica want to get in on the action.

Robin & Tara

Robin and Tara both enter their respective series later on and are new members of their already formed supernatural-obsessed friendship groups, both Tara and Robin are (endearingly) odd, a little away with the fairies, and hold back because they struggle with their self-esteem.

Lucas & Cordelia

As core members of their respective supernatural-obsessed friendship groups, both Lucas and Cordelia spend a lot of time on their respective series being shocked and surprised by the latest supernatural occurrence.

Billy & Spike

Both Billy and Spike are half-villain and half-hero; they are highly complicated characters who have affiliations with darkness. both characters are fan favourites and, in the end, Billy and Spike have some kind of redemption before and after sacrificing themselves for their loved ones 

Will & Angel

Unlike Billy and Spike, Will and Angel are more definitely good characters.However, both characters have evil thrust upon them in a way they cannot totally resist through no fault of their own. Despite being good, both characters seem to be magnets for evil.

El & Buffy

As the heroes of their respective creepy, horror TV series, both El and Buffy have tremendous responsibility for the safety and well-being of the wider world. Both characters are always a little bit on the outside of their social groups, as no one can really understand what they are going through.

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