Tax rebates: How to request a check of $1,000?

Throughout US families are struggling to make ends meet due to the rising inflation and costs of everyday expenses but now thousands of Americans will be able to claim a tax rebate worth up to $1000.

This is thanks to the $1.2 million dollars allocated in the city of Boise, Idaho through the state's Circuit Breaker Program, also known as the Property Tax Reduction Program.

The Idaho State Tax Commission has some eligibility requirements for the Idahoans that want to access this tax refund.

The applicant must be an Idaho resident with a home valued at less than $800,000, with a total income of no more than $32,230 dollars after deducting their medical expenses.

January 1, 2022, eligible: citizens over 65 years old, former prisoners or hostages, blind disabled residents as well as widows, widowers and fatherless children or with a mother under the age of 18.

Also those with a disability recognized by the Social Security Administration or in the public employee retirement system are also eligible.

Boise will also implement their own rebate program, which has an application deadline of May 2023 and those eligible will be able to start sending their applications in as soon as this next December.

It's expected that around 1,200 residents of Boise will be eligible to receive the $1,000 tax rebate on their property tax bill.