The Google Pixel's Android version has been updated to Android 13. Here know The 6 Top New Features in Android  13

More Customization in Android devices


Android 13 supports more colours in the theme options. Currently, you can choose from four wallpaper colours and four basic colors, but in Android 13, there are 16 of each.

Enhanced Privacy and more secure


There are several improvements in Android 13 that limit what your apps can access.Meaning, you can specify which photos and videos an app can access instead of allowing it to dive into your whole photo library just like on the iPhone.

The New Google Wallet


Google Wallet is making a comeback with Android 13. It will be integrated across Google’s other apps and work in conjunction with Google Pay.

Encrypted Group Chats in Google’s Messages App


In addition to end-to-end encryption for individual chats, Android 13 adds it to group chats.

Double Tap for Flashlight


With Android 13, Google has added support for the flashlight by double-tapping the back of your phone.

Bluetooth LE Audio Support 


Android 13 will have Bluetooth LE (low energy) audio, which means reduced power consumption and better audio quality for wireless headphones, earbuds, and other devices that support it.

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