Devi and Paxton's Romance Heats Up as 'Hot' New Classmate Arrives in Never Have I Ever Season 3 Trailer

The Season 3 trailer for Netflix’s Never Have I Ever teases Devi’s love life is about to get even more complicated—just when you thought that was truly impossible.

Never Have I Ever returns with 10 new episodes on August 12. Deadline exclusively confirmed the show’s fourth and final season renewal in March.

While still caught up in the series-long love triangle between Paxton  and Ben, a new boy is added to the equation.

Season 3 introduces Des, the son of one of Dr. Vishwakumar’s friends who attends an elite private school.

Throwing a wrench into the Daxton relationship at this point is a bit stressful but hey, this is high school and teens will be teens.

Like Devi’s therapist Dr. Ryan says in the trailer, “Did we discover that being in a relationship doesn’t solve all our problems?”

Although not much is revealed regarding Eleanor’s relationship status, there’s a brief moment in the trailer where she’s caught drooling over Paxton’s bestie Trent.