The new Xiaomi MIX fold 2 reveals Samsung Galaxy Fold phones.

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Mohit Kumar

It's been four years since Samsung released their first foldable phones on the market but still hasn't upgraded the Galaxy Fold battery density.

If you're frustrated by Samsung's slow progress on foldable phones, then here at Chinese mobile company Xiaomi has something for you.

The Chinese mobile band Xiaomi announcement  their new upcoming foldable phone named Xiaomi MIX fold 2

The main highlight of the foldable phone is that it is 40% thinner when folded than other foldable smartphones on the market.

This book-style foldable similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 4 features a phone-like front screen and a flexible screen inside that looks like a tablet

In comparison to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, which is 16 mm thick when folded, the Mix Fold 2 is only 11.2 mm thick when folded.

A slightly bigger 4500mAh battery is fitted by Xiaomi. It has a front-facing OLED display with 120 Hz and 2520x1080 resolution, while its inner folding screen has 120 Hz and 2160x1914 resolution. 

Spec-wise, you've got a pretty standard high-end loadout: a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, 12GB of RAM, and generous tiers of storage at 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB. 

In addition to the 50 MP Sony IMX 766 sensor, there are 13 MP ultrawide, 8 MP telephoto, and 20 MP front cameras. Additionally, it supports charging at 67 W.