The Sentimental Items 6 Stars of This Is Us Are Taking from the Set

I'm definitely stealing the moon necklace. I would love to take both wedding rings, Miguel's and Jack's, [and] some set decorations like pictures of Milo and me with the kids when they were super little. I want the things that are sentimental to my character and special to me that nobody else really wants.

—Mandy Moore

I have asked the transportation department if I can purchase the Wagoneer. I think I've got first dibs on that unless one of the execs wants it.

—Chris Sullivan

I want the piano. I dont know how one goes about stealing a massive piano however I might just yell, 'What are you going to do with this?' I'm sure it's just going to go into some archive because it's been so prominent throughout the seasons. I would love the piano.

-Chrissy Metz

I want William's hat. I would probably put it in a case on a shelf someplace. It's like the classic Stetson fat band hat that we used to wear back in the days in the late '60s. I always wore hats even as a kid.

-Ron Cephas Jones

I directed season 6, episode 3. and in it there's a green egg smoker, and I believe I'm going to make that green egg smoker appear in my backyard. From what I understand they're going to give it to me; it's a functional keepsake, a piece of This Is Us history and I can also smoke meat in it!

-Jon Huertas

[When I meet Edie on the plane] I'm wearing an overcoat that is quite nice. I'm going to get that coat!

-Griffin Dunne