Scientists capture the sharpest image of Star R136a1 ever. 

our perception 

Because the universe is unimaginably vast, there is no limit to what we can see. In order to understand it further, we can only improve our perception of it through our lenses.


Thanks to advanced technology and lenses, scientists have now captured the sharpest (yet) image of the most massive star known to us.


The name of this star is R136a1. There is no star larger in the universe than this one, located in the heart of the Tarantula Nebula. 

From Chile

Researchers in Chile have now captured an image of R136a1 using the 8.1 metre Gemini South Telescope

Previously believed 

The star's mass was previously believed to be between 250 and 320 times that of the Sun. 

New observation

However, the new observations suggest that R136a1 is only between 170 and 230 times more massive than the Sun. 

Why is it important?

This new image of the star R136a1 has helped scientists refine our understanding of the cosmos. In addition, it helped in understanding the nature of star mass.