The Twitter whistleblower just got a subpoena from Elon Musk

Peiter Zatko,former Twitter security chief whose explosive disclosures alleged serious security flaws has received a subpoena to appear for a deposition in ongoing lawsuit between Twitter & Elon Musk.

Request puts Twitter’s whistleblower at center of Musk’s ongoing legal fight with Twitter which he agreed to buy in April. He has sought to void deal, citing many of the issues in Zatko’s disclosures.

Zatko is scheduled to be deposed in connection with subpoena on September 9th. Musk’s legal team took action shortly after Zatko’s claims became public & they were in the process of filing a subpoena.

Documents were filed on Monday, giving request legal force & making it public for the first time. Includes paper relating to impact of spam or referring to troublesome mDAU figure as a “key metric.”

Court will review paper related to end of Zatko’s employment & his ownership of stock. Court calls for any documents related to illegal activity or any foreign intelligence agents employed by company.

Zatko’s disclosures, filed with the SEC and first obtained by The Washington Post and CNN, made numerous claims of negligent security procedures and intentionally deceptive practices. 

Among claims made, Zatko alleges that Twitter knowingly downplayed the level of bot activity on the platform, something that Musk has cited as a central reason for attempting to back out of the deal.

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