Tom Brady & Irina Shayk: Rumored Romance Detail

Brady and Shayk were first seen together at a wedding in Sardinia in June 2023.

They were then spotted getting flirty and touchy-feely after a sleepover at Brady's house in July 2023.

Both Brady and Shayk have denied that they are dating, but the rumors persist.

Brady is recently divorced from Gisele Bündchen, while Shayk split from Bradley Cooper in 2019.

Brady and Shayk are both very private people, so it's hard to say for sure if they are dating.

The fact that they have been seen together on multiple occasions suggests that there is something more than just friendship going on.

If Brady and Shayk are indeed dating, it would be one of the biggest celebrity couples in the world.

Both are incredibly successful in their respective fields, and they would be a power couple in every sense of the word.

Only time will tell if Brady and Shayk are officially dating, but the rumors are certainly intriguing.