Tyler Blackburn tweeted why he missed episodes of Roswell

Roswell, New Mexico is an American TV series with Science Fiction, Drama and Mystery. Season 4 was released in June 2022.

He tweeted about his absence in total 3 tweets saying,

“Alex is alive! Thank you to my knight in shining armor @MichaelVlamis and the incomparable @HeatherHemmens for her insane creativity, professionalism and patience.”

“Also, thank you to the @RoswellNMRoom and the entire crew of @CWRoswellNMfor helping me this season…”

“I was dealing with intense health issues that lead to, at times, intense mental health issues during seasons 3 & 4.”

“I had to step down from filming season 4 and every single person in the cast and crew, as well as everyone at @warnerbros and @thecw showed so much compassion.”

“I am forever grateful to the human beings that made up this show.”