Armie Hammer Reportedly Spotted Selling Timeshares in Cayman Island

Days after Armie Hammer’s lawyer denied claims the actor was working at a hotel in the Cayman Islands, he’s reportedly been spotted selling timeshares.

According to the person who snapped a picture of Hammer working at the office, he outlined a plan to a prospective buyer that would cost $2,020 per week. It’s unclear what exactly he was pitching to them, however, since it’s not even clear if it was the disgraced actor at the office.

Hammer has been in the Caymans since the start of the pandemic, and was situated there while the allegations against him unfolded in January, 2021.

The 35-year-old was spotted at a resort there this past week in clothes that look like a work uniform very similar to employees at the Morritt’s Resort office.

His attorney Andrew Brettler said the flyer is “fake,” and an employee at the hotel also said it was simply a prank. He is said to be friends with people who work at the resort, and the flyer is believed to have been made by those familiar with him personally. 

Call Me By Your Name star's career imploded following a sex scandal which saw  him cheat on his wife with a woman while sharing cannibalism fantasies with her. Though the actor has remained out of the public eye after accusations against him were shared last year.

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