What is Mars retrograde 2022?

Astrology has warned us to keep our guards up because the fiery, red-hot Mars has entered a retrograde into constellation of Gemini. This astrophysical phenomenon commenced on 30 Oct till 12 Jan 2023.

When this fourth planet in the solar system appears to be in retrograde, meaning moving backwards, from the Earth’s vantage point, it affects the life on our planet in powerfully different ways.

Mars is closest to Earth and has a wider orbit — almost twice the distance. Therefore, a Martian year lasts close to 2 Earth years. This also implies that Mars goes retrograde only once in two years.

It is a strictly physical event, which is not exactly problematic but also exciting as only during this period will Earth and Mars come extremely close to giving us a full-blown view of this planet.

Us mortals will be able to witness the moon’s eclipse on Mars in a thrilling astrophysical occurrence.

So, while we pull up our socks and prepare for Mars retrograde let us remember that this is not necessarily bad news.

This astrophysical occurrence is a well-disguised opportunity for us to change old ways, optimally channelise our emotional energy & take stock of things on financial, personal & professional levels.