What’s the Status of All the Other ‘Game of Thrones’ Spinoffs?

Harington is attached to this still-unconfirmed sequel series, in which he’d reprise his role as the onetime King in the North.

Snow: In development

Set 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones, this prequel series tells the story of House Targaryen long before Daenerys came along.

House of the Dragon: Premiering in August

HBO is working on three animated Game of Thrones spinoffs, including The Golden Empire, which would be set in the Golden Empire of Yi Ti, an Essos kingdom inspired by Imperial China.

The Golden Empire and two other animated series: In development

“As ‘The Sea Snake,’ the most famed nautical adventurer in the history of Westeros, Lord Corlys built his house into a powerful seat that is even richer than the Lannisters and that claims the largest navy in the world,” HBO says in a character bio.

The Sea Snake a.k.a. 9 Voyages: In development

Three spinoffs were in development under the working titles Flea Bottom, 10,000 Ships, and 9 Voyages but development on Flea Bottom had ended by that July.Flea Bottom is the King’s Landing slum where Ser Davos Seaworth  and Gendry grew up.

Flea Bottom: Not moving forward

Reportedly still on the drawing board since at least January 2021, Dunk and Egg — based on Martin’s Tales of Dunk and Egg series of novellas — would follow Dunk, a.k.a. future Kingsguard Lord Commander Ser Duncan the Tall, and his squire Egg, a.k.a. the future king Aegon V Targaryen and great-grandfather of Daenerys. in their exploits nearly a century before the events of Game of Thrones

Dunk and Egg: In development

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