Where is my California inflation relief check?

As many as 23 million Californians are eligible to receive inflation relief payments of up to $1,050, with the first batch of payments disbursed last Friday. 

If you didn't get your Middle Class Tax Refund via direct deposit, you may be wondering what the deal is and when you'll get paid. 

While direct payments began disbursement on Oct. 7, more will continue to be sent out through Oct. 25, with the remaining direct deposits arriving between Oct. 28 and Nov. 14

About 90% of the direct deposits are expected to be issued in the month of October. Direct deposits likely don't get posted to accounts until 3-5 business days from the issue date & vary by bank.

If you're not in the direct deposit family and instead are awaiting a debit card, you'll have to wait a bit longer. Debit cards will start getting mailed out between Oct. 21 and Dec. 10.

That also doesn't factor in the extra delay that comes with snail mail containing the debit card actually arriving in your mailbox. 

The last batch of payments in the form of debit cards will be sent out by Jan. 15, 2023 for those who qualify for direct payments, but do not fall into a category above.