Windows 12 Coming in 2024?

Windows 12 is coming in 2024, and some reports claim this will come in the next two years from Microsoft, with a chance to replace the current version of Windows 11 that was released to the world.

According to XDA Developers, a new report regarding a new Windows version will replace the current one after three years since it was last released. Microsoft brought the world the Windows 11 in 2021, and its subsequent development cycle would be in 2024 with a speculated new version for the computer OS.

Zac Bowden from the Windows Central said that this is part of Microsoft's Windows roadmap that will release new versions of the operating system every three years, as it would update the world with its offers. Of course, these versions would see a significant release from the company, and it would bring major updates in its new versions.

The reports said that despite a Windows 12 speculated for the year 2024, Windows 11 would not be left behind or something that would not see any developments from the company. Still, if Windows 12 is releasing in two years, Windows 11 will receive its support from Microsoft and develop until the company phases it out like past versions. 

One of the most significant versions of the Windows 11 is the 2H22, and it brings the latest major update from Microsoft for the famous computer operating system to service the world. Windows 11 is the latest and present operating system that Microsoft has developed for the world, and it gives everyone the chance to access their computers for work and leisure.

Some users cannot upgrade to Windows 11 but were given the Windows 10 LTSC Enterprise to use for their needs, and it brings a stable version of the old OS for all users. The new version brings an absolute one that would give the public an older version of Windows without the necessary updates that would bug them frequently.

Now, there is an upcoming Windows 12 that will replace the computer operating system in 2024, and it will be three years old by then since its first release in 2021. There are no concrete promises for Windows 12 now, but its speculations say that it will have significant improvements in the future version if it comes out. 

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