Witness a Celestial Show: Halley's Comet Remnants Light Up the Sky Tonight

Earth to cross Halley's Comet debris path, resulting in a meteor shower of shooting stars tonight.

The celestial event occurs as Earth encounters the remnants of the 3,313-year-old comet.

 Skygazers can expect to see up to 40 shooting stars per hour during the peak of the meteor shower.

The best viewing conditions will be in rural areas with minimal light pollution for a clear, dark sky.

 For optimal stargazing, look for the radiant point in the constellation Aquarius in the early hours.

This annual meteor shower, known as the Eta Aquarids, occurs each May due to Halley's Comet debris.

 Halley's Comet itself won't be visible again from Earth until 2061, making this event extra special.

Don't miss this cosmic spectacle; grab a blanket, head outside, and enjoy the show!