You could be getting up to $800 by the end of the year, thanks to tax rebate

Would you like some extra money before the holiday? Some taxpayers could see a few hundred dollars headed their way before the end of the year. If you pay state income taxes, you’ll be getting check.

“I imagine it will be a relief for people around the holidays. Getting $800 in your pocket with inflation and everything right now, I’m sure it’ll be a big help” 

-CPA Robert Keisler

South Carolinians could soon be getting as much as $800 back thanks to the legislature passing tax cuts that include an income tax rebate.

“I had a few clients call yesterday. Apparently, they’ve just started receiving the money, so they asked me what is it & what can I do with it. But yes, you can spend it, do whatever you wish."


If you paid more than $800 in income tax, you’ll only get $800 back, but if you paid less, you’ll get what you paid. For example, if you paid $600, you’ll get $600.

So how do you know if you qualify? If you look on your form on line 15 and back off line 21 and 22, if that number is greater than 0 you’ll get a rebate.

Based on how you got your refund for 2021. If you had a direct deposit for a refund, you’ll get it by direct deposit. If you got a paper check or debit card, you’ll get from it

How will you get rebate?