What’s inside a Fall Guy player? Its not cute!

Fall Guys recently became the most downloaded game on PS Plus. It also got a huge positive response when it got released on PC (on Steam).

But in here we are really going to know the truth whats inside of a Fall Guy?

Today in this post we are going to show you how it looks inside a fall guy!

According to Official Fall Guys Twitter handle they said that:

• Human shown for scale

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• Fall Guys are 183cm (6ft)

• This Fall Guy is happy, look into his eyes

• We can’t take it back

Inside a Fall Guy (Exclusive Pics)

fall guys inside
Fall Guys internal

Our impressions

Well Its so disturbing to see that these tiny cute little jelly beans skull is not that much pretty and I am sure i won’t be able to look at my character the same way again!

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