WhatsApp now allows you to control who can add you to groups

WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned company launched group chat eight years ago. It is one of the popular features of the app where a maximum of 255 people can be in a group and can chat and share their views together. They can also send media like pdf files, images, videos, etc to the group.

WhatsApp Group adding Feature

Earlier WhatsApp had introduced the feature to see how many times a text has been forwarded. and now today it has announced that all users can control who can add them to WhatsApp groups and who cannot.

The reason for introducing this feature

This seems to be a good move again from the company as sometimes I find myself getting added by unknown numbers or in the groups that I am clearly not interested in. And once I get into these groups, a hell lot of messages pop up, making me irritated by the continuous buzzing of notifications (thanks mute option though!)

Well according to WhatsApp only three types of restrictions are there:-

  1. Everyone can add you to the groups
  2. Only your contacts
  3. Nobody

This same setting is for status visibility and store visibility.

Do tell us in the comments would you switch to “Nobody”? According to me, this option is best for those people who hate this “Group Messaging” feature.

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