WhatsApp Rolls Out Advanced Search Mode with Latest Android Beta update

WhatsApp has been testing a lot of various features to enhance the user experience. The Facebook-owned messaging app recently rolled out the advanced search mode for its Android beta testers. The feature has been there for the longest time but the company wants to fix all the bugs before rolling it out officially for the users.

The Android beta users will have Whatsapp version to on the play store in order to use the advanced search mode feature. This feature was earlier rolled out to IOS beta testers and some of the android beta users. There were complaints of not getting the feature even after the update, therefore the new update was rolled out so that more and more beta testers on android can use the feature.

WhatsApp is actually enabling the feature for few beta users from the server-side. This type of activation is partial and takes time as its very slow, this happens when a company decides to gradually enable the feature to see its effects when enabled. In such cases, it’s best to enable the feature for a few users rather than everyone.

This feature is quite important as the name suggests advances search mode, it lets the users search for images, videos, GIF s, links, audios, etc. in the search bar that is provided on the app. The feature is still being developed by the company and it is being rolled out for testers gradually, if you are beta user and still haven’t received the update, do not worry you might get it in the next update.

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