who deleted you from friend list in Facebook
Who deleted you on Facebook

Its social world, tons of people today interconnect and socialize with each other and exchange information or data. Facebook is one of the most successful social networking site in recent times.

who unfriended you on FB
who unfriended or deleted you form friend list on Facebook

Facebook allows only a limited number of friends to be added in your profile. It already has the feature to give you a notification when someone sends you a friend request on the site.

But still Facebook Inc has not yet incorporated (for good I guess.) the feature to let you know who unfriended you.

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In this post I am going to teach you how you can get notified , the moment any one unfriends you on Facebook.We would be doing this through an app.

How can an App notify you about this?

All you have to do is to give this app complete access to your Facebook Friends List and it will start tracking your Friends List from that moment on-wards.

How to know who deleted you from friend list in Facebook?

  1. Download this app or this app.
  2. Install the App and Install it.
  3. Login your Facebook Account and do the 2-step verification.
  4. Once you reach the main screen, currently you would see blank screen.
  5. Once some one unfriends you on Facebook, this screen would get populated with the details.

PRO TIP:- This app also lets you know who has blocked you on Facebook ,who has deactivated his profile along with the details of people who have reactivated their profile.

I hope this article helps you. But I would suggest that you should not use such types of applications as first of all you are sharing your friend’s list with a 3rd party application and secondly its not good to know everything. like who blocked you and stuff, social media was meant for interacting with friends.. not for holding grudges.


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