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Why are Hulu Subtitles out of sync? Best fixes!

Do you find Hulu subtitles out of sync? You’re not alone. Many Hulu users have reported experiencing this issue. It can be frustrating when the captions are too fast, or when the Hulu captions don’t match after ads. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore various solutions to fix the issue of Hulu subtitles being out of sync.

Hulu Subtitles out of sync
Why are Hulu Subtitles out of sync? Best fixes! 5

Understanding the Problem: Why are Subtitles on Hulu Out of Sync?

There can be multiple reasons as to why Hulu subtitles are out of sync. Here are some possible causes:

1. Streaming or Download Glitches

Sometimes, glitches in the streaming or download process can lead to subtitles being out of sync. These glitches can occur due to poor internet connection, server issues or device-related problems.

2. Outdated App or Operating System

Another common reason is an outdated Hulu app or operating system. If your device’s operating system or the Hulu app has not been updated for a while, it may cause compatibility issues, including subtitles being out of sync.

3. Lack of Free Space on Device

Your device’s memory could also be a contributing factor. If your device is running low on storage space, it may affect the app’s performance, leading to subtitles being out of sync.

4. Incorrect Language Preferences or Settings

Incorrect language preferences on your device or within the Hulu app can also cause subtitles to display in the wrong language, which may make them appear out of sync.

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Effective Solutions to Fix Hulu Subtitles Out of Sync

If you’re facing the issue of subtitles on Hulu being out of sync, try the following fixes. We recommend following them in order, starting from the simplest solutions to the more advanced ones.

1. Manually Select the Correct Subtitles

If the subtitles are not displaying correctly, you can manually change the language at any time. This can be done by accessing the subtitle settings within the Hulu app.

2. Toggle Subtitles Off and On

Sometimes, quickly disabling and then enabling the subtitles can fix sync issues. This action forces the app to reload the subtitle settings, which can correct any temporary glitch.

3. Restart the Hulu Stream

If the subtitles are not appearing at all or are out of sync with the video, returning to the Hulu app menu and restarting the stream could be the solution.

Hulu Subtitles out of sync
Why are Hulu Subtitles out of sync? Best fixes! 6

4. Update the Hulu App Language Settings

The language and region settings in the Hulu app should be correct. Check these settings and adjust them if necessary.

5. Modify Device’s Language and Country Settings

If your device’s language or region settings are overriding the Hulu app’s subtitle preferences, you should change these settings.

6. Check Accessibility Settings of Your Device

Sometimes, the media, text, and language options in your device’s accessibility settings can override the Hulu app’s preferences. Check these settings and adjust them if needed.

7. Update Google Account Language Settings

If you use a Google account to log in to Hulu, the language settings of your Google account can override the language preferences in the Hulu app. You can fix this by updating your Google account language settings.

8. Delete Unwanted Languages from Your Google Account

If there are languages listed in your Google account that you do not use, deleting them can prevent them from affecting the language settings in connected apps and services, including Hulu.

9. Restart the Hulu App

Closing and reopening the Hulu app can resolve many streaming issues, including subtitles being out of sync.

Hulu Subtitles out of sync
Why are Hulu Subtitles out of sync? Best fixes! 7

10. Switch Hulu Profiles

Switching to another user profile or creating a new one can also help resolve subtitle sync issues.

11. Try a Different Film or Series

The subtitles could be incorrectly programmed for the show or movie you’re watching. Watching something else can help confirm if this is the problem.

12. Update the Hulu App

An outdated Hulu app can cause several issues, including subtitles being out of sync. Updating the app can resolve these issues.

13. Update Your Streaming Device

An outdated operating system on your streaming device can cause Hulu subtitles to be out of sync. Make sure to update your device’s operating system regularly.

Hulu Subtitles out of sync
Why are Hulu Subtitles out of sync? Best fixes! 8

14. Free Up Disk Space

If there’s not enough free space on your device, it could slow down the Hulu app and cause issues such as subtitles being out of sync. Deleting some unnecessary files from your device can help.

15. Let Hulu Know

If you believe the issue is on Hulu’s end, you can report subtitle errors directly to Hulu. Send an email to captions-feedback@hulu.com, providing as much information as possible, such as the show name, time of the error, your language settings, and the device you’re using.


Experiencing issues with Hulu subtitles being out of sync can be frustrating, especially when you’re trying to enjoy your favorite show or movie. However, with the help of the solutions provided in this comprehensive guide, you can easily fix the issue and enhance your Hulu viewing experience.

By following these steps, you can ensure that your subtitles on Hulu are not out of sync, that they are not too fast, and that they match the video content after ads. If your closed captioning is not working on Hulu, these solutions can also help you fix that issue.

Remember, if all else fails, you can always contact Hulu’s support team for additional assistance. Happy streaming!

How Can I Enable Hulu Subtitles on My Roku Device?

Press Up on your Roku remote, then select Settings. Toggle the switch next to Subtitles. Alternatively, you can activate Roku’s closed captioning feature during playback by pressing the Star button on your Roku remote, then choosing Closed captioning > On Always.

How Can I Disable Subtitles on Hulu?

To turn off subtitles on Hulu, select Settings (the gear icon), then Subtitles, then Off. Depending on your device and the version of the Hulu app, you might see different menu labels such as Captions or Captions & Subtitles.

Why Are My Hulu Subtitles Too Fast?

If your Hulu subtitles are too fast, it could be due to a sync issue. Try restarting the Hulu app or stream, updating the app or your device’s operating system, or manually selecting the correct subtitles.

Why Don’t Hulu Captions Match After Ads?

If Hulu captions don’t match after ads, it could be due to a glitch in the app or a temporary server issue. Restarting the app or the stream often resolves this issue.

Why Is My Closed Captioning Not Working on Hulu?

If closed captioning is not working on Hulu, it could be due to incorrect language settings, a lack of free space on your device, a need for an app or device update, or a glitch. Follow the solutions listed above to resolve the issue.

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