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10 Reasons why you should wait for Google Pixel 8a

The year 2024 is the year when we will be getting some fantastic phones making their way to launch. Already, we have the Samsung Galaxy S series flagships topping the charts with their amazing features and specifications, and right after the Galaxy S series, we have new speculations about the latest Google Pixel 8a smartphone, which is speculated to bring a vast disruption within the smartphone markets. 

The launch of the Google Pixel 8a is right around its edge, where speculations are kept high for the Google I/O event 2024, announced on the 14th of May this year. Right before the original launch, we covered you with the 10 Best Reasons why you should look forward to the Google Pixel 8a launch.

10 Best Reasons to look forward to the Google Pixel 8a launch

10 Best Reasons to look forward to the Google Pixel 8a launch
Best Reasons to look forward to the Google Pixel 8a launch

Image Credits: Mashable

Google Pixel 8a is the next new midrange flagship phone, adding to the Google’ A series smartphone. 

The latest leaks and rumors suggest that the Pixel 8a will see huge improvements compared to its predecessor models for this year’s launch, which adds up to one of the main reasons why you should be considering waiting for the launch of the new Pixel 8a if you are someone looking to upgrade to a new midrange flagship. Yes, we have covered all you need to know here.

1. Bringing new Cutting Edge AI Features 

The year 2024 has been all about Artificial Intelligence features! Almost every smartphone maker has been integrating the latest AI tech into their products, and so has Google’s doing with the new Pixel 8a. 

As per the leaked promo images of the smartphone, features like Audio Magic Eraser, Circle to search, Summarization of emails, Combining different photos, and Generating missing areas on photos are expected to be added on the smartphone.

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2. The Power of new Tensor G3 Chipset


Google Pixel 8a to be powered with the new Tensor G3 Chipset
Google Pixel 8a to be powered with the new Tensor G3 Chipset Image Credits: Endgadget

Another reason you should look up the launch of the new processor is that it will be the new brownie point for the Pixel 8a smartphone.

The first generation Google Tensor chipset made its way to launch with the Pixel 6 series, and today date, two new generations have made their way to launch with third generation chipset or tensor G3 chipset. 

This also adds to the recent development of generative AI features, where Google partnered with DeepMind, and the new Tensor G3 chipset will now work more efficiently.

Talking about the hardware specs. The new G3 tensor chipset will be coming with the latest 1x Arm Cortex-X3 (2.91GHz), 4x Arm Cortex-A715 (2.37GHz), 4x Arm Cortex-A510 (1.70GHz) combined with Arm Mali-G715 (MP7 estimated) GPU and this new processor will be developed under the new Samsung 4nm process.

3. New Camera Upgrades! 

Google Pixel 8a Camera Specs
Google Pixel 8a Camera Specs Image Credits: xiaomiui

After the processor and new AI features, the Google Pixel 8a has something new in the camera section. 

As per the reports, the smartphone will be coming with a new trio-housed camera with a 64MP main Sony IMX 787 sensor combined with a 50MP Sony IMX712 Ultrawide angle sensor, and on the front side, we will be getting to see a regular 13MP Sony IMX712 Sensor too.

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4. Extended Software Support 

Besides offering the best-ever features, Google is known for its extended and immersive software features.  

The Google Pixel 7 series and Google offered extended software support for five years, but with the Pixel 8a launch, leaks suggest that the support will be extended for seven long years of security updates. 

5. Specification Details 

Moving to the specification side, right time again, we will see an upgrade where we especially have leaks suggesting that the smartphone will come with a 6.1-inch Full HD+ OLED panel on the front side. 

The new display will also support a faster refresh rate of 120Hz and a peak brightness of 1400 nits.

6. New Competitive Pricing 

One of the reasons you should be waiting for the launch of the new Pixel 8a smartphone is the pricing. 

Considering the specifications, including the camera, hardware specs, and extended software support, we have leaks suggesting that the pricing of the new smartphone will range between $500 to $550, and getting the smartphone in this range with the improved specification is going to the best selling point for the smartphone.

7. New Design

The new Pixel 8a smartphone will also be getting slight design changes. Although with the leaked rendered image, the design doesn’t look familiar to the previously launched Pixel 7a smartphone. 

As per the leaks, it’s been suggested that the new Pixel 8a will come out of the box with a more curvier design. 

8. Water Resistant Rating 

The new Google Pixel 8a smartphone will be the first ever phone within the A series lineup, and it will come with the official IP67 water and dust resistance rating. The smartphone will offer the best resistance against water and dust splashes.

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9. Bigger Battery and Fater Charging Capabilities

Regarding the battery and charging capabilities, the latest leaks suggest the smartphone will have an improved and bigger battery. We will see the smartphone with a 5000mAh battery and a faster charging of 30w.

10. Increasing the number of service centers in India

Despite having the best hardware and software specs, the Pixel 8a smartphone has always needed to catch up in offering the best customer service or after-sales services, especially in countries like India. 

India being among the most price-centric markets, Google has planned to shift its production from China to India and also in plans to collaborate and open more new service centers within the country through which Google can promise to offer the best service out of the box.

As a bonus, we can also expect the pricing to go down as now the Google Pixel 8a may not be imported which cuts down the import duty charges on the smartphone.

Google Pixel 8a Specifications

Display6.1-inch Full HD+ OLED display, 120Hz refresh rate, 1400 nits peak brightness
ProcessorGoogle Tensor G3 Chipset
Storage128GB / 256 GB (rumored)
Rear Cameras64MP main sensor (Sony IMX787) + 13MP ultrawide (Sony IMX712)
Front Camera13MP (Sony IMX712)
Battery4500mAh (rumored), 30W fast charging (rumored)
Operating SystemAndroid 14
FeaturesIP67 water and dust resistance, under-display fingerprint sensor
Connectivity5G, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.3, NFC
Dimensions152.1 x 72.6 x 8.9mm (rumored)
Release DateExpected around Google I/O in May 2024
PriceEstimated $500-$550pen_spark
These specifications are based on leaks and rumors

Should you wait for the Google Pixel 8a smartphone?

Google Pixel 8a
Google Pixel 8a Image Credits: Gadgets 360

To give you a final verdict on whether to wait for the Pixel 8a smartphone, the answer is quite evident here. With the amazing specs coming up with the extended software support and improved camera capabilities and AI features, the new Google Pixel 8a will be the real steal deal for the price. 

If you have been looking for a unique feature-rich phone with all the specs, especially if you are nerdy about camera and software, then Google Pixel 8a is the right go for you!

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