Xiaomi's foldable phone video leaked
Photo: Youtube

After Samsung’s foldable phone and Huawei’s Mate X, its time for the Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi to enter the foldable phone’s market.

The Xiaomi’s latest folding phone has a difference which is that its foldable folds twice. So far, only Samsung’s Galaxy Fold promises a foldable phone with the display on the inside, with every other manufacturer preferring to put the display on the exterior.

Xiaomi hasn’t yet announced official details for its foldable phones, such as a firm release date and price, but the company is clearly keen to keep the hype going as it builds toward a finished product.

Launch and Pricing of the Phone

Xiaomi’s foldable phone is expected in the second quarter of this year (April-June) at half the price of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold. Xiaomi has co-developed the flexible screen with Visionox, the dual fold mechanism and refinements to MIUI are all Xiaomi.


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