How to add back button in the Title Bar

In this tutorial, you will learn how to add back button in the title bar in Android Studio. Adding an arrow help in the navigation, as you can jump from one activity to main activity.

For one way is to use android toolbar back button in this, you will replace the action bar with the toolbar. Another way is to add the back button on the title bar.

How to Add Back Button in the Title Bar


1. First, we need to initialize the toolbar-

Toolbar toolbar = findViewById(;

2. Now, add a call for an up button


3. In the ActivityMain.xml add the widget.ToolBar


        app:popupTheme="@style/AppTheme.PopupOverlay" />


4. In the Manifest.xml you have to add no action bar to the activity so that toolbar can show up.



In this method, you have to add the parentActivityName in the AndroidManifest.xml 


This will enable the back button in the title bar. This will only work when there is an action bar enable. If Action bar is hidden then the back button will not appear.

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