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Call Screening now available on some Pixel 2 and 2 XL

Google launched its Pixel 3 with a new feature called Call Screening. This lets Google Assitant to "answer" by asking who's calling and offering ways to respond to calls. During the launch event, Google...
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iPhone X Hack: Attackers can pull your recently delete files

Winning a prize of $50,000, two hackers have found a bug in iPhone X that allows you to recover your recently deleted photos or file. The exploit was discovered during a mobile contest where...
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PUBG is coming to the PlayStation4

[youtube] PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds-PUBG is coming to the Sony's PS4 on December 7th. The price of the game will be around $30 for the normal version and $50 for the “survivor’s edition” edition and  $60 for “champion’s edition” on...
Youtube Music

How to use Youtube Music in India

Its sad that most of the things first get launched in US and other neighbouring countries and we Indians are left out. Just like the case of Netflix and Spotify. But today in this...


one activity to another activity in Kotlin

How to jump from one activity to another activity in Kotlin

In this tutorial, we will learn how to jump from one activity to another activity in kotlin. This is the main activity we have...
Google Login and Registration for android using Firebase Authentication

Google Login And Registration For Android Using Firebase Authentication

In this tutorial, we will learn how to build simple google login and registration for android using Firebase Authentication. We have added Email &...

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HUAWEI P20 Pro Full Phone Specification

Huawei P20 Pro was launched in March 2018. It runs on Android 8.1. It is available with 128 GB of internal storage.According to DxMark,...