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11 Best Offline Football Games for Android 2022 [Updated]

Are you looking for the best offline football games? Football is one of the world’s most popular games. Even it is one of the most played games on a smartphone.

Most of the games are now days are online and you need a good internet connection. But we often look for offline games on google play store.

But Why?

People might have restricted data or it is possible they don’t have a stable internet connection. We have listed the best offline soccer games for android that every footballer fan will love to play in high quality.


1. Soccer Stars

Soccer Stars
Image from play.google.com

Soccer Star is simple and it is fun to play. You can log in using a Facebook account and you can play with friends. Even you can play it offline with your friends on the same device.

Soccer Stars come under the best offline football games. Even you have a stable internet connection you can play online tournaments.

Some improvements/features requested by players

  • “Peak” or “Spectator”  feature so that players can spectate other matches just like PUBG Mobile!
  • level matching does not exist.



Score Hero
Image from play.google.com

This football game is having awesome 3D graphics. It has got more than 660 challenging levels. You can connect with your Facebook account and play with your friends.

You can customize the players look. This is one of the best football games offline. You can play this game offline without any problem. Even you can Sync progress between devices using google play.


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3. Real Football

Real Football
Image from play.google.com

This game is developed by Gameloft. You can build your own team, recruit new players, improve skills and a lot more. It is having 3d Stadiums, spectators and polished shadows. This soccer game is free to play.


4. Final kick 2020

Final kick 2019
Image from play.google.com

This game has got some really cool updates. Free kick mode is an offline mode you can enjoy without having the internet. Game is having good graphics and you can see some cool animations in the game.

You can customise your soccer team, you can train them and make them better to win the matches. This offline football game one of the best game as you can play multiplayer mode in real-time with friends.


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5. Dream League Soccer 2021

Dream League Soccer 2019
Image from play.google.com

In Dream League Soccer, you have to manage your team and you can take part in live events and win prizes and medals. You can make your own team logo and you can also build and manage your team.

This football game has got some in-app purchases. You can download the content of this game and play offline football games as you don’t need mobile data for this game.


6. Flick Shoot 2

Flick Shoot 2
Image from play.google.com

It is having more than 20+ million downloads on android devices. It has got one on one multiplayer and tournament where you can show your football skills.

It has smooth and easy controls. They have improved a lot from the last versions like 3d graphic, flick shoot controls, and animations. This game will give your best football kick experience.


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7. Stick Soccer 2

Stick Soccer 2
Image from play.google.com

This game is from the creator “Stick Sports” and it’s come under the best offline football games. Stick Soccer 2 has got a lot of things like you can create your club. Collect cards and boost your football team performance. Unlock the legends player can give touch competitions.

I have kept this game in this list as This game development company has created well- a known game called Stick Cricket and its buttery smooth.

Improvements / Feedback from users

  1. Countdown timer continually resets itself meaning you have to spend coins to get to the next level
  2. Bulgaria level is difficult and users having an issue with controls too.
  3. Travel Bug.


8. Soccer Heroes – RPG Football Captain

Soccer Heroes RPG Football
Image from play.google.com

It is one of the best RPG fantasy soccer game you have ever played on android. What you have to do in this game? Pass, dribble, shoot, and goal that’s all you have to do as a Soccer player.

It has got some amazing cartoon graphics with a superpower. Soccer Heroes is online as well as an offline game. You can play Story Mode in offline mode.

9. FIFA Football

FIFA Football Google Play

FIFA Mobile Soccer is made by EA Sports. If you have seen Google Play store then this game is Editors Choice. FIFA mobile is one of my favourite game as well. The graphics having detailed textures and sounds are really good.

In FIFA Soccer you can build your team and challenge your friends in real-time. You have to train your players to be successful. They have also collaborated with Adidas and Jacquard™by Google. Play football in the real life, earn rewards in FIFA Mobile. This makes this game more interest and the best football game ever.


10. World Football League

World Football League
Image from GooglePlay

This game has 15 languages and more than 2000 players and 60 clubs. This soccer game is having 4 modes: Exhibition, Cup, League, and Training.

You can save image or video of each the moment while you play this soccer game in your mobile device or tablet devices.


11. Soccer Cup 2021

Soccer Cup 2021

This game is fun to play. You can install on your android phones. Soccer Cup 2021 will give you real feeling while playing this game.

There are 4 different game modes: Season, Tournament, Practice and Career mode. This is free soccer games you can play anytime anywhere. You have to train your player and level up the skills and win the matches.


Final Words

There are lots of soccer games available for android that are meant for offline playing. But when you are offline you might like to play some offline soccer games and rather not play a full-fledge Fifa Mobile Game.

So we compiled a list of best offline football game for android that you can play. No doubt, that no game above mentioned is perfect.


  1. Great post! I’m a big fan of football and I’m always looking for new games to play. I’m definitely going to check out some of the games you mentioned.


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